Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is this race a Boston qualifer?
    Yes, this is a USATF certified Boston-qualifying marathon course, with certification number UT12016GAN. According to the BAA's most recent press release, registration for 2014 is set to open on September 9th and will remain open according to the schedule on the website. They are increasing their capacity this year to include 36,000 runners, and have also announced that the qualifying window for the 2015 Boston Marathon begins on September 14, 2013, which is our race date. This is great news, as your race this year could potentially get you into two Boston Marathons!
  • I am coming from sea level. How will the altitude effect me?
    Because the canyon portion of the race is significantly downhill, the cardiovascular requirements during this portion are largely minimized. Additionally, atmospheric oxygen levels will increase as runners descend the canyon, allowing runners to benefit from increased oxygen intake as they progress in the race. Based on the experiences of runners coming from lower elevation in previous years, altitude has not been a factor and many have been able to achieve personal records by significant amounts.
  • Is a downhill course hard on your quads/knees/toes?
    Increased speed on a downhill slope also increases footstrike impact and works your muscles differently compared to running on flat surfaces or uphill slopes. The bottom line is that if you prepare by following a few simple training guidelines that are specific to downhill racing, you will be able to take full advantage of this course without adverse effects. See our "Training" tab for more specific and comprehensive advice on preparing for a downhill race.
  • How do I withdraw from the race?
    We understand that life is unpredictable and that plans sometimes need to be changed. Our very generous withdrawal policy allows you to withdraw from the race and get a full refund minus a small transaction fee. Visit our withdraw page for more details or to complete the process.
  • How do I transfer between events or to another person?
    We understand that life is unpredictable and that plans sometimes need to be changed. Our very generous transfer policy also allows you to transfer between races or transfer your entry to another individual. Visit our transfer page for more details or to complete the process.
  • Is race-day packet pickup available?
    In order to avoid delays and complications so we can ensure an on-time start, we do not offer packet pick-up the day of the race. If you are unable to make it to the expo to pick up your race packet, we will allow another individual to pick it up for you as long as they have a photocopy of your driver's license or another photo ID and a signed note from you authorizing them to do so.
  • Are there course time limits?

    Because road closures for the race must be re-opened for normal traffic, we are required to set course time limits. Road closures will be lifted based on a 6:00:00 marathon time. Any runners still on the course after the rolling cut-off times may continue to proceed along the course route to the finish area, but aid station and traffic control support will not be available.

    For the full marathon, the cut-off time is equivalent to a 13:45/mile pace for the marathon. This is equivalent to a very light jog or brisk power walk.

    Because the half marathon begins further down the canyon and heads straight to the finish line after exiting the canyon, the cut-off pace for the half marathon is slower than it is for the full marathon, at roughly 22:00/mile.

    The expectation is that only a few runners, if any, will be affected by the course time limits.

  • What nutrition will be provided on the course?
    All of our aid stations will be supplied with electrolyte drinks and water. Additionally, various aid stations will be supplied with energy gels, fruit, and other nutritional items to keep you running strong to the finish. Details regarding nutrition along the course (brands, flavors, locations) will be provided soon on the website and will also be given in the race program.
  • Are strollers allowed on the course?
    Because of both logistical and liability issues, we are not currently allowing strollers on the buses or in the event. We're sorry that we are not able to accommodate you at this point, but will keep these requests in mind for future years.
  • Are there prizes and awards for winners and age division placers?

    All runners completing the race will receive one of our famous finisher's medals as they cross the finish line. Age division and overall awards will be given as well. Additional details regarding these awards and timing for the awards ceremonies are forthcoming.

  • How do I get my free photos and personalized highlight video?
    We will send an email prior to race-day asking for permission to have the photos and personalized highlight videos given to you directly via Facebook. Once the photos and video are in your possession they are all yours!

It's Fast!

Quotes from our runners

  • “PR'd by 18 min and surprised my husband at the finish (he didn't expect me for another 20 min)”
    —Mary Steinmann
  • “I ran the full marathon. I PR'd by 21 minutes and qualified for Boston for the 1st time!! Well worth the trip from Georgia!”
    —Matthew Amick
  • “PR'd in the full by 10 mins!”
    —Josh Gwynn
  • “This was my second marathon and I PRed by 23 minutes! And qualified for Boston”
    —Adriana Vars
  • “This was my third marathon this month and I got a PR by 4 minutes! Whoo Hoo!”
    —Angie Whitworth Pace
  • “This was my 3rd Marathon and I finished in 3:47:27 which is 37 minutes faster than my previous PR.”
    —Jonathan Michael Hall
  • “PR'd full by 3, but missed BQ by 5.”
    —Mark Skillman
  • “PR'd in the Half by 10 mins, my husband Eric Carlson PR'd in the full by 30minutes!!!”
    —Amy Bissonnette Carlson
  • “My wife pr'd in the Marathon by 8 minutes and qualified from Boston with a time of 3:28! Best race ever!”
    —Mark Evers
  • “PR'd in the full by 35 minutes!”
    —Michelle Neff
  • “First half and did it in less time than my 12mile train. 2:10 woot woot!!!”
    —Lauren Arnold
  • “I PR'd! Half marathon and by a butt-load.”
    —Megan McLachlan Hunter
  • “PR'd the half by nearly 10 min. 1:37.”
    —Dave Welder
  • “This was my first 1/2. Met my goal to be under 2hrs. Finished in 1hr 57min. Great race.”
    —Carlos Setterberg
  • “Beat my best time by close to 17 minutes! Also, finished under two hours. Such a great course...”
    —Max Aeschbacher
  • “I got my PR in the the half yesterday. Beat my previous best time by more than 6 min. :)”
    —Jason Forsgren
  • “This was the BEST RACE EVER!! I loved every single thing about it!! :) it was my 6th half and I still managed to PR by 23 minutes!! :) thank you,”
    —Melissa Brown
  • “It was my first 1/2, but I finished 17 minutes faster than any of my training times.”
    —James Ritchey
  • “PR'd in the Half marathon by about 3 minutes! Best race ever!”
    —Alicia M Clouse
  • “I ran the half and I PR'd by 33 minutes!!!! I kicked butt! Thanks for an amazing race.”
    —Whitney Stallings Roberts
  • “I PR'd in the full by 10 minutes!”
    —Emily Kay Stoddard
  • “Half Marathon PR by 15 minutes. My goal was to come in under 2 hours. Finished at 1:47:42. Fast course!”
    —Dick Hekker
  • “I ran the half and PR'ed by over 3 minutes and 7 minutes faster than a half I ran earlier this year.”
    —Gary Schofield
  • “Beat my old PR by 9 minutes!”
    —Kimberly Ann Richards
  • “Qualified for Boston at a 3:32:47 and my last marathon I got a 3:44.”
    —Mary Ray Lauck
  • “PR'd in the full by 6 1/2 minutes!”
    —Melissa Soper
  • “Pr'd by over 20 minutes! This was a great race, the scenery was so beautiful.”
    —Debby Nohelty
  • “PRed by 11 minutes. Loved everything about the race.”
    —Isela Phelps
  • “PR'd in the Half by 9 minutes.”
    —Sheena Tucholski Ballard
  • “PR'd in the Half by 9 minutes! My first sub two hour. Loved this race so much!!”
    —Kerry Howard Kramer
  • “I ran the Half and PR'd by 6 min. Thanks for a great course!”
    —Violet Tellez
  • “PR'd in the full by 3 minutes and qualified for Boston. Thank you for a great race.”
    —Kelli Mascher Davey
  • “Ran the full, qualified for Boston and PRed by 27 minutes! So worth the trip to Utah! The best part was the beautiful canyon. Amazing.”
    —Linda Scollick Manion
  • “I PR'd on the marathon by 18 minutes. Qualified for Boston Marathon too. Beautiful course. :-)”
    —Ken Bluemel
  • “My wife beat my personal best (PB) time by 2 mins. Luckily we crossed the line together so now we both have new PBs of the same time. She even came in 2nd place in her age group!”
    —Royce Veater
  • “This was my second marathon - PR'd by 24 minutes - woo hoo! Gonna beat that next year!!”
    —Mimi Jackson
  • “PR'd in the Half by 7 min and 4 sec!”
    —Autumn Jeppson
  • “Came all the way from California to run in the half! It was beautiful and pr'd the half by 23 min! Awesome race !!”
    —Amy Payne
  • “PR'd in the Half by 21 minutes!”
    —Sarah M. McConkie
  • “PR'd by 11 min. Oh yeah!!!”
    —Kami Herbert Sondrup
  • “I shaved off 11 min my PR.”
    —Amy Lutz Coltrin
  • “PR'd in the 1/2 by 23 minutes baby!!:)”
    —Chantele Nordberg Pehrson
  • “PR by 5 mins. 1:52 down to 1:47. Great course!”
    —Daynia Pack
  • “This was my second HALF, 1:33...beat the last by 14 minutes. That S curve alone shaved 3 minutes off my time. :)”
    —David Decker

The Cause

We are happy to support the Cottonwood Canyon Foundation whose ongoing mission is to improve the environment in Big and Little Cottonwood Canyons through stewardship and top quality education programs.

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Why Run?

We are obsessed with putting on great running events. This is fastest and most scenic course in UT. All runners receive a gender-specific technical running shirt and an awesome finisher medal.

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