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    September 13, 2014

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  • Finisher medals

    Quotes from our runners

    • “The medal is one of the best I have in my collection.”
      —Melissa Ferran Catmull
    • “Mine is hanging on my rear view mirror! My kids play with it to see how long they can keep it spinning.”
      —Molly Bitton
    • “Everybody LOVED the medals. My group wore them the whole day including out to dinner.”
      —Heidi Mugar Moffatt
    • “The medal is amazing! The nicest I have.”
      —Becky Raymer Jones
    • “It is hanging in the front of my Health classroom for all my students to see that their Health teacher isn't just talk.”
      —Bart Bowen
    • “I took it to work to show it off! Everyone said, "WOW!" I was super proud.”
      —Babette Burtis
    • “I absolutely LOVE the medal!! It is proudly displayed on my office wall to remind me of my first half marathon.”
      —Jann Hadfield Curtis
    • “Everything about this Marathon was over the top!!!! Sign up, shirt, pictures....and specially the medals!!!!”
      —Marisa Portillo Blanchard
    • “I love the moving center part. My children kept making the "little man" run by spinning it around.”
      —Isela Phelps
    • “I love my medal. It's hanging in my car. :)”
      —Miranda Ann Redhouse
    • “I love the big medal! My husband loved the medal so much he had to take a picture of me with it! :)”
      —Karen Jensen
    • “LOVED the medal. My first thought was: How in the world are they going to make one next year to rival this one?”
      —Molly Rubert
    • “Loved the medal & the fall colors on the ribbon. Wore it to breakfast after the race & now it proudly sits on my piano.”
      —Dottie Lou Brems-Yeates
    • “I came in no where near first place, but my 6 year old son thought for sure I took first place with the glory-size medal.”
      —Scott Fidler
    • “The Biggest medal I own! Love it!!”
      —Angela Konesavanh
    Finisher Medal
  • The Cause

    The Cause

    We are happy to support the Cottonwood Canyon Foundation, whose mission is to improve Big and Little Cottonwood Canyons through stewardship and education.

  • It's Big

    It's big...

    This big event isn't small
    on fun: Big Cottonwood
    Marathon and Half!


It's Fast!

Quotes from our runners

  • “PR'd by 18 min and surprised my husband at the finish (he didn't expect me for another 20 min)”
    —Mary Steinmann
  • “I ran the full marathon. I PR'd by 21 minutes and qualified for Boston for the 1st time!! Well worth the trip from Georgia!”
    —Matthew Amick
  • “PR'd in the full by 10 mins!”
    —Josh Gwynn
  • “This was my second marathon and I PRed by 23 minutes! And qualified for Boston”
    —Adriana Vars
  • “This was my third marathon this month and I got a PR by 4 minutes! Whoo Hoo!”
    —Angie Whitworth Pace
  • “This was my 3rd Marathon and I finished in 3:47:27 which is 37 minutes faster than my previous PR.”
    —Jonathan Michael Hall
  • “PR'd full by 3, but missed BQ by 5.”
    —Mark Skillman
  • “PR'd in the Half by 10 mins, my husband Eric Carlson PR'd in the full by 30minutes!!!”
    —Amy Bissonnette Carlson
  • “My wife pr'd in the Marathon by 8 minutes and qualified from Boston with a time of 3:28! Best race ever!”
    —Mark Evers
  • “PR'd in the full by 35 minutes!”
    —Michelle Neff
  • “First half and did it in less time than my 12mile train. 2:10 woot woot!!!”
    —Lauren Arnold
  • “I PR'd! Half marathon and by a butt-load.”
    —Megan McLachlan Hunter
  • “PR'd the half by nearly 10 min. 1:37.”
    —Dave Welder
  • “This was my first 1/2. Met my goal to be under 2hrs. Finished in 1hr 57min. Great race.”
    —Carlos Setterberg
  • “Beat my best time by close to 17 minutes! Also, finished under two hours. Such a great course...”
    —Max Aeschbacher
  • “I got my PR in the the half yesterday. Beat my previous best time by more than 6 min. :)”
    —Jason Forsgren
  • “This was the BEST RACE EVER!! I loved every single thing about it!! :) it was my 6th half and I still managed to PR by 23 minutes!! :) thank you,”
    —Melissa Brown
  • “It was my first 1/2, but I finished 17 minutes faster than any of my training times.”
    —James Ritchey
  • “PR'd in the Half marathon by about 3 minutes! Best race ever!”
    —Alicia M Clouse
  • “I ran the half and I PR'd by 33 minutes!!!! I kicked butt! Thanks for an amazing race.”
    —Whitney Stallings Roberts
  • “I PR'd in the full by 10 minutes!”
    —Emily Kay Stoddard
  • “Half Marathon PR by 15 minutes. My goal was to come in under 2 hours. Finished at 1:47:42. Fast course!”
    —Dick Hekker
  • “I ran the half and PR'ed by over 3 minutes and 7 minutes faster than a half I ran earlier this year.”
    —Gary Schofield
  • “Beat my old PR by 9 minutes!”
    —Kimberly Ann Richards
  • “Qualified for Boston at a 3:32:47 and my last marathon I got a 3:44.”
    —Mary Ray Lauck
  • “PR'd in the full by 6 1/2 minutes!”
    —Melissa Soper
  • “Pr'd by over 20 minutes! This was a great race, the scenery was so beautiful.”
    —Debby Nohelty
  • “PRed by 11 minutes. Loved everything about the race.”
    —Isela Phelps
  • “PR'd in the Half by 9 minutes.”
    —Sheena Tucholski Ballard
  • “PR'd in the Half by 9 minutes! My first sub two hour. Loved this race so much!!”
    —Kerry Howard Kramer
  • “I ran the Half and PR'd by 6 min. Thanks for a great course!”
    —Violet Tellez
  • “PR'd in the full by 3 minutes and qualified for Boston. Thank you for a great race.”
    —Kelli Mascher Davey
  • “Ran the full, qualified for Boston and PRed by 27 minutes! So worth the trip to Utah! The best part was the beautiful canyon. Amazing.”
    —Linda Scollick Manion
  • “I PR'd on the marathon by 18 minutes. Qualified for Boston Marathon too. Beautiful course. :-)”
    —Ken Bluemel
  • “My wife beat my personal best (PB) time by 2 mins. Luckily we crossed the line together so now we both have new PBs of the same time. She even came in 2nd place in her age group!”
    —Royce Veater
  • “This was my second marathon - PR'd by 24 minutes - woo hoo! Gonna beat that next year!!”
    —Mimi Jackson
  • “PR'd in the Half by 7 min and 4 sec!”
    —Autumn Jeppson
  • “Came all the way from California to run in the half! It was beautiful and pr'd the half by 23 min! Awesome race !!”
    —Amy Payne
  • “PR'd in the Half by 21 minutes!”
    —Sarah M. McConkie
  • “PR'd by 11 min. Oh yeah!!!”
    —Kami Herbert Sondrup
  • “I shaved off 11 min my PR.”
    —Amy Lutz Coltrin
  • “PR'd in the 1/2 by 23 minutes baby!!:)”
    —Chantele Nordberg Pehrson
  • “PR by 5 mins. 1:52 down to 1:47. Great course!”
    —Daynia Pack
  • “This was my second HALF, 1:33...beat the last by 14 minutes. That S curve alone shaved 3 minutes off my time. :)”
    —David Decker

It's Beautiful!

Quotes from our runners

  • “It was the perfect scenery for the perfect race!”
    —Angie Whitworth Pace
  • “It was amazing! For sure coming back next year.”
    —Heather Wilhelm Carter
  • “It was gorgeous!!!”
    —Andrea Pringle Jones
  • “Best runner's high ever!”
    —Danina Thatcher
  • “It is like you are in a whole different world. So peaceful and pretty. We are so lucky to have these canyons right out our door!”
    —Zoe Dyksman
  • “Couldn't have a more beautiful setting for a run!”
    —Steven A. Ohlsen
  • “So beautiful!!”
    —Terry Greenfield Bahena
  • “What a great race and beautiful day! Can't wait till next year!”
    —Laurie Summerhays
  • “It was beautiful! I'll have to train more downhills for next year, though. :) But boy, was it a beautiful run!”
    —Elizabeth Willey
  • “This was my first half marathon and I honestly got so lost in how beautiful the scenery was that I didn't notice my music stopped playing until I had already finished! Haha”
    —Rachel O'Driscoll
  • “So amazing!!!! Loved the course!!!”
    —Jason N Brandi Morf
  • “We kept saying 'Ooh look there, oh look at that' through the whole canyon. Gorgeous.”
    —Michelle Neff
  • “I loved this race!!! it was so pretty and fast! I will definitely do it again!”
    —Ana Maria
  • “The colors were amazing...I love Utah! Thanks for a great race.”
    —Lani Johnson Marquez
  • “It was so breathtakingly beautiful!! I can't wait to run it again next year!! Loved it!! :)”
    —Jann Hadfield Curtis
  • “I love running in the canyons! I feel like I can get away from the craziness of life, and have some peace and quiet! :-)”
    —Leslie Smart Hayden
  • “The true color run!”
    —Martin Cohen
  • “Absolutely incredible!!!!”
    —Susette Fisher
  • “Had to drive back up there on Sunday afternoon just to prove to myself that it really was that beautiful.”
    —Rob Bruendl
  • “My favorite runs are running down the canyon and enjoying the breath taking scenery.”
    —Kay Williams Garlick
  • “Big Cottonwood Canyon is my chapel! When I run in there, I found all my answers and my spirituality!”
    —Sandra Chamale Yingst
  • “It was a beautiful run for my first half marathon. :)”
    —Miranda Ann Redhouse
  • “So beautiful!! What a great race!”
    —Janie Jolley Newman
  • “Run, run as fast as you can you can't catch me I'm the canyon run man.”
    —Kevin Gowers
  • “I love Utah canyons... because you always have a tailwind running down them in the morning.”
    —Maureen Sletten
  • “Absolutely AMAZING!! Loved the course!”
    —LaRane Jensen Kasteler
  • “I loved it! It was beautiful. Looking forward to next year already!”
    —Gary Schofield
  • “It really does not get better than that. Running nirvana!”
    —Kristen Brinkman Olsen
  • “It was breathtakingly beautiful! I loved how fellow runners would stop to take pics along the way.”
    —Michelle Dickens Bocchino
  • “I loved it! So pretty and a really fun course.”
    —Andrea Vickers
  • “What a fun race. And you couldn't ask for prettier scenery.”
    —Lisa Turner Steed

Race Info

Race Date
Sept. 13, 2014
Start Time
7 a.m.

An incredibly fast & spectacularly scenic marathon and half marathon down Big Cottonwood Canyon in Salt Lake City, UT.

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Boston Qualifier

Need a BQ? This is the race for you!